Monday, July 14, 2008

China and India's Growth Just Currency Related Illusions? - Seeking Alpha

China and India's Growth Just Currency Related Illusions? - Seeking Alpha: "Let’s explore an interesting development: the different inflation experiences of emerging countries and developed countries. In case you haven’t noticed, inflation in emerging countries is higher, demand-pull in nature, and advanced to the stage of a wage-price spiral; in developed countries, it is lower, cost-push in nature, and not advanced to a wage-price spiral.

Does this have any significance? One ramification could possibly be the unwinding of the secular growth stories of the emerging countries and a return to economic supremacy of the developed countries. It could also mean the stock markets of the developed countries will be more rewarding places over the next decade or so compared to the stock markets of emerging countries.

The cost-push inflation of developed countries is easier to resolve, I believe. It should ebb as long as central bankers refrain from overly stimulative monetary policy -- thereby letting the deflationary forces of the stagflation slow the economy to a non-inflationary path. And this is the course of action that the central banks appear to be following (e.g. a rate hike by the European Central Bank, little increase in the narrowly defined U.S. money supply in 2008, etc).

Demand-pull inflation and wage-price spirals tend to be more stubborn."


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