Monday, October 20, 2008

Triage Time

A fine line between panic, swift action - The Boston Globe: "Triage time. Furqan Nazeeri, a serial entrepreneur who runs an Arlington start-up focused on environmental issues, posited that there are three kinds of companies in times like these.

Venture capitalists are going through their portfolios and categorizing their investments into three buckets:

Expectant: So badly wounded that it is not worth expending resources to attempt to save them. On the battlefield, these casualties get morphine.

Priority: Badly injured, but rapid and focused attention can save them. These casualties get almost all of the scarce time and medical resources.

Routine: Walking wounded. These casualties are lightly wounded and there is little cost in delaying treatment until after the battle is over. On the battlefield, these casualties get left alone in a position of cover."


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